Chris's commuter has already been on the road for a couple years and I just wanted to show of its simple utility. Chris owns a modern road Icarus so this one was built to fit another need; the ability to carry gear in any weather and soak up the bumps. It even pulls the trailer filled with kiddos now!

Chris didn't want any flash, just extra durability so we had it powdercoated. Something that you don't see often on my builds, but it makes the most sense in this case. The custom Icarus stem includes a built in front brake cable hanger and a removable faceplate setup from Paragon Machineworks.

Powdercoat by Marty Walsh.
Photographed by John Watson
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This is Tyler's bike, its rad. It features a 44mm headtube, 3 water bottles, low mount disc brakes and an ENVE tapered 'cross fork.

It was a little tricky fitting the Bruce Gordon 43mm tire in the short rear triangle but we got it in there. So its got plenty of cushion and traction for hitting the dirt and cruising all day. Its even got rear rack mounts in case he wants to take a light load out and stay overnight. Another thing you might notice is the lower seat tube water bottle, something Tyler asked for in order to fit a frame bag.

Love it when custom rigs come together like this and I get to see them stick around Austin.

Paint by Ben Falcon
Photography by John Watson
Built by Mellow Johnny's
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I don't get to build bike like this too often. Something made to accept racks, fenders, pump and a kickstand. The process is much more involved than a straight forward road or 'cross bike, all of the extra braze-ons can make me a little crazy in the moment but I sure do like how they turn out.

This frame features unique bottom bracket cable routing and a custom stem with internal brake hanger and bell mount. The classic round tubing and 650b 38c tires make it comfortable for bumping around the city or down a dirt path.

Paint by Ben Falcon.
Built by Blue Lug Tokyo
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I built this frame to strike a balance between the stiff shaped tubed road bikes and something more comfortable for long rides. It uses some slightly smaller diameter shaped tubing mixed with a round top tube and s-bend seat stays.

Really happy with how my paint drawing was translated into reality by Ben Falcon. The metallic green looks awesome against the black.

Photographs by Nobuhiko Tanabe
Paint by Jay Nutini.
Built by Blue Lug Tokyo

Lucas wanted something that was going to look like a classic from a distance but upon inspection would show off some one-of-a-kind details. Had a lot of fun carving up some bi-laminate head tube joints and seat stay sleeves.

The fork blades and seat stays are bare and the rest of the frame has a pearl clear. The Alloy Campagnolo Athena components really sewed things up nice.

Built up by Mellow Johnny's in Austin, TX and now its being ridden in DC!

Photographs by John Watson
Paint by Ben Falcon
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